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Beer With Me

WHO NEEDS A TRIP TO THE PUB WHEN ONE OF THESE babies is installed in the basement? Built into a 48-inch-wide cabinet, the beer dispenser has a stainless steel interior and exterior and holds up to a half-barrel and two 1/6 pony kegs, the company says. Available for indoor or outdoor use, it comes with a one-, two-, or three-faucet tap and a carbon dioxide tank. It can be configured in a number of ways. Cost: $4,279 to $5,379. Perlick Corp. 800-558-5592.

Duty Calls

LIQUID NAILS' ULTRA DUTY POLY IS THE manufacturer's first polyurethane-based construction adhesive. The polyurethane technology means the product will not foam or get pockets of gas in the beads, so it works better in high heat, the company says. The moisture-cure adhesive performs in temperature ranges from 40 to 300 degrees, the company adds. Low-solvent and in compliance with new volatile organic compound laws, it is odorless and will not stain sensitive surfaces. Cost: $2.99 to $3.99. Macco. 800-634-0015.

Roll Tape

THE MANUFACTURER HAS ADDED WEATHERESIST FLASHING TAPE TO ITS REPERTOIRE IN AN effort to help promote energy efficiency in windows and doors. Designed to prevent leaks around openings, the product has a self-adhesive backing that makes installation easy, the company says, adding that it is the only pliable, asphalt-based tape that can be installed in temperatures as low as 20 degrees without a primer. Cost: $8 to $9 for the 4-inch roll. Owens Corning. 800-438-7465.

Door Prize

SOME BUYERS HAVE A THING FOR old-timey architecture and products, and the Grandeur line of vintage hardware just might satisfy their desires. The manufacturer says the collection of products has been designed to capture the look and feel of vintage hardware. The Windsor knob and plate shown here are made of solid brass and have a hand-polished, satin-nickel finish. Cost: $120. Nostalgic Warehouse. 800-522-7336.

Tile One On

WATERTILE IS A NEW PRODUCT THAT IS SURE TO GET YOUR BUYERS EXCITED. UNLIKE typical body sprays, these low-profile units lend a clean look to shower walls yet still offer functionality. Because the spray face is fully adjustable, they can be installed on the wall or the ceiling, and the pivoting function allows bathers to target the water, the company says. Made of solid brass, each tile measures 5 inches square and has 22 spray holes. Cost: $119 and up. Kohler. 800-456-4537.

Painted Beauty

IN HOME BUILDING, WALL COATINGS can never be too durable. Here, then, is Duration Home, a product the manufacturer says provides better washability than any other paint or ceramic coating on the market. Stains wipe away with soap and water. Moreover, the paint is self-leveling and offers excellent hide and touchup capabilities, the company claims. It is low in volatile organic compounds and is also low-odor. Cost: $37.99 to $40.99 per gallon. The Sherwin Williams Co. 800-474-3794.