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In Vino Veritas - The Cantina Vino built-in wine refrigerator is the only truly integrated product of its kind on the market, the manufacturer claims. Because the unit's vent grates are concealed behind the door, it has an uninterrupted toekick that lines flush with the cabinet for a truly built-in look. It can fit an existing 24-inch space and has fully extendable oak shelves that hold 42 bottles. Cost: $1,879. Ariston Appliances. 800-426-0825.

Clean Up - Cleaning rollers and brushes is the best way to extend their usable life—but it's a giant pain. This brush comb and roller cleaner makes the job easy, the manufacturer says. The teeth clean more thoroughly to prolong the life of brushes and rollers and the rust-resistant stainless steel can withstand frequent use and exposure to water and common chemicals. Cost: $5.23. Hyde Tools. 800-872-4933.

Plate Glass - For an unexpected detail in your homes, try these glass switchplates instead of the traditional plastic. The products feature a universal mount that allows it to fit any manufacturer's switch or receptacle and has a “screwless” design for a clean appearance on the wall. They come in white, almond, and black. Cost: $50. Lighting Products of Indiana. 317-777-1481.

Warm Up - As the home spa trend continues, here is another product to add to the space—the Home Spa Towel Warming Drawer. Able to hold up to four towels, the drawer can heat towels to 120 degrees in 15 minutes. The product is offered in a standard 24- or 36-inch-depth cabinet so it can be adapted to new or existing construction. Cost: $1,980 for 24-inch and $2,590 for 36-inch. Jacuzzi. 800-288-4002.

Water Purification - Filtered water is not only good in the kitchen; it has benefits in the shower as well. The Enviropure showerhead uses two types of filtering technology to eliminate harmful chlorine that can lead to dry skin and hair, as well as an itchy, flaky scalp. The product also removes heavy metals and iron oxide (rust). It comes in four models and five finishes, including chrome and satin nickel. Cost: $53.95 to $149.95. Water Inc. 800-322-9283.

High-Functioning Fire - The Mantis vented fireplace has a multistage heat exchanger that captures more than 93 percent of the heat energy from the burner and directs that warm air into the house. As a result, the company claims it is the most efficient vented hearth product on the market. It also humidifies as it heats and can be installed as a fireplace, insert, or freestanding stove. Cost: $4,399 to $4,799. Empire Comfort Systems. 800-851-3153.

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