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Steal This THE MANUFACTURER HAS CREATED AN ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION mechanism for its line of rotary hammers. Operating like the system on a car, CODE! functions by a one-touch infrared remote-control key. Users can enable or disable several rotary hammers using a single code, or each tool can have its own key. Cost: $40. Metabo. 800-638-2264.

Fine Finishes PAINT IS A VERSATILE PRODUCT, BUT SOMETIMES IT NEEDS A LITTLE help. The manufacturer says its new Studio Finishes line of glazes and surface effects products brings that to the contractor market. Available in latex or alkyd bases, the glazes can be added to paint for color washing, sponging, and ragging for a variety of looks. Other finishes are also available. Cost: $17.89 to $30.99. Benjamin Moore. 201-573-9600.

Buddy System EVERY CONTRACTOR HAS BEEN there: You do a job, pack away the tools, and discover you nicked the wall with a ladder or a paint stick. You could drag all that stuff out again, or you could use this handy device. Paint Buddy is a small plastic tool that holds paint and allows users to do touch-up work easily. The manufacturer adds that it organizes leftover paint, eliminates mess, and helps reduce waste. Cost: $10.99. Rubber-maid. 877-748-7546.

Light It Up USE THESE PENDANTS TO BRING A LITTLE PIZZAZZ TO YOUR KITCHENS, DINING rooms, or bar areas. The line-voltage pendants can be used in a ceiling or connected to the manufacturer's rail system. Each has a dome-shaped transparent glass shade over an inner shade of matte glass. Measuring 12 ¾ inches tall and 12 5/8 inches wide, they are available in cobalt blue, gold, red, and turquoise. Cost: $265 to $330. W.A.C. Lighting. 800-526-2588.

Lock Tight BIONIC WRENCH, ITS MANUFACTURER SAYS, COMBINES the versatility of an adjustable wrench with the simplicity of pliers. It replaces 16 U.S. and metric wrenches and weighs less than 1 pound. The 8-inch tool operates with a one-handed squeeze and distributes equal force to all sides, eliminating the need to search for the exact-size tool for a project. Cost: $28.95. LoggerHead Tools. 888-564-4374.

Fire From Water UNDER NORMAL CONDITIONS, FIRE AND WATER HAVE NOT MIXED—UNTIL NOW. The Aqueon fireplace, the manufacturer says, is the world's first commercially available in-home hydrogen appliance. It burns the hydrogen found in water, so it does not produce harmful air pollutants, the company adds. The unit lights just like any other gas fireplace, by remote control or switch. It stands 60 inches high and 28 inches wide. Cost: $49,999. Heat & Glo. 888-427-3973.