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Slim Fit Lots are shrinking and homes are getting smaller, so you need stylish products that take up less space. This 24-inch-wide, cabinet-depth refrigerator fills both requirements. Measuring 78 ¾ inches high and 24 inches deep, the stainless steel unit has two types of storage drawers (fresh foods and meats), a filter that eliminates odor, and a fast-cooling feature that quickly lowers the temperature when needed. Cost: $1,699. Fagor America. 800-207-0806.

Beaded Beauty You need to build budget-minded houses, but you still need to provide some bling. The manufacturer says its line of architectural hardware has just enough swank to get buyers' attention. Made from brass, the beaded lever and escutcheon plate exhibit Victorian-era flair and a hand-rubbed finish. The line offers 30 different finishes. Cost: from $400. Von Morris. 800-646-6888.

Holes in One You can rely on your subs to make jobsite cuts in the floor joists and hope they don't make any mistakes. Or you can use the XJ 85 joist, which has strategically placed openings in the web for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems. The work will look neater, yes, but the company says the precut holes will also result in fewer call-backs and faster installation and, thus, bigger savings. Cost: competitive with standard joists. Georgia-Pacific Wood Products. 800-284-5347.

Stick It You can always use tape on a jobsite. Sumo's manufacturer says this tape is two times stronger than regular duct tape and designed for the heaviest jobs, so it's ideally suited for the construction industry. It comprises three layers for durability and has a polyethylene film for water resistance and performance outdoors. Cost: $10.99 for 95 feet. Loctite by Henkel. 800-321-1733.

Horsey Set These clydesdale modular saw-horses make mobility on a jobsite a breeze. Made from aluminum, the three-legged units use 2-inch-by-10-inch and 2-inch-by-12-inch planks in lengths from 4 feet to 24 feet. Using the principles of I-beam strength, the system can support more than 600 pounds. The sawhorses come with rubber-padded feet for stability on flat surfaces and to protect finished flooring on inside jobs. They are available in 24-, 30-, and 36-inch heights. Cost: $199.99 to $259.99. Tower Laser. 708-705-2112.

View Finder This aluminum-and-glass full-view garage door marks the manufacturer's first foray into contemporary design for the residential market. The door has been available as a commercial product, but the company, seeing the popularity of modern design in residential construction, decided to offer it to home builders and buyers. The door comes in standard residential heights and in a variety of colors with optional clear or luminescent windows. Cost: $1,000 to $5,000. Wayne-Dalton. 800-827-3667.