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Bionic Block - Looks can be deceiving. Omni Block, for instance, looks like a typical masonry unit, but in addition to aggregate, it has expanded polystyrene and other insulation inserts that can lower utility bills by 30 percent, the manufacturer says. It creates a sealed exterior wall system, the company adds, so it does not need sheathing, vapor barrier, or drywall. Cost: $4.00 to $4.75 per block. Omni Block Group. 866-740-6664.

Tight Angle - T250A is the first 16-gauge pneumatic angled finish nailer in the industry, its manufacturer says. The tool has a depth-of-drive mechanism, a no-mar rubber tip to protect work surfaces, and a Quick Clear for nail jams. It shoots finish nails measuring 1¼ to 2½ inches and is small and lightweight to reach tighter spots. Cost: $219. Paslode. 800-682-3428.

Warm Up - A toasty floor is an underrated pleasure. Now it's more accessible to builders—and their buyers—thanks to the manufacturer's prepackaged floor warming systems for baths with open areas up to 40 square feet. The system includes a free 24-hour custom design service as well as a variety of thermostats and control devices for home buyers. Cost: $15 to $18 per square foot. Honeywell. 866-891-9276.

In the Pink - Sometimes it's hard to tell if the mud is really dry. Not any more. This lightweight joint compound has dry-time indicator technology, so it goes on pink and turns white as it dries. The product lets contractors know when it's time for sanding or a second coat. The manufacturer also says that it works faster and weighs up to 25 percent less than conventional joint compounds. Cost: $20. DAP. 888-327-8477.

Soap Opera - Soapstone is not just for kitchen countertops and fireplace surrounds. The maker says that the material also can be used in the bathroom, which is why the company has introduced soapstone tiles. Nonabsorbent and easy to maintain, the tiles are available in 1-inch mosaics or in 4-inch-by-4-inch field tiles. They come in deep grey or soft grey. Cost: $18.50 per sheet. Tulikivi U.S. 800-843-3473.

Power Station - The ultimate cutting station is a portable docking system that converts the maker's handheld X-Band STX-250 series cordless band saw into a bench-top cutting table. It will cut materials up to 2½ inches in diameter, and its light weight means that it can be transported around jobsites. Cost: $69.95 for the station. Stout Tool Corp. 248-486-0454.