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Grab It There's a lot to be said for having the right tool in a tight spot. The manufacturer of these 960 locknut pliers, for example, says that they are designed for quick and easy adjustment of electrical nuts in tight or wire-constricted boxes. Measuring 8½ inches long, they have a slim design to fit in tight spaces and spring handles. They fit ½-, ¾-, 1-, 1¼ -, and 1½ -inch locknuts. Cost: $14.95. Channellock.

No Hands Any manufacturer can make an electronic bath faucet—and many already have. But the Pascal is one of the first for the kitchen. Launched under the manufacturer's Brizo line, Pascal combines hands-free and touch-control technology so that users can activate the water flow either without hands or by tapping the faucet. Available in chrome and bright stainless steel, it incorporates a pull-down spout and a battery light indicator. Cost: $700 to $1,100. Delta Faucet Co. 877-345-2749.

Lovely Soak A soaking tub in the bathroom makes a style statement; one in metal makes a point: It says that the owner is on the cutting edge. This tub is handmade from insulated, double-walled stainless steel. Measuring 72 inches long and 36 inches deep, it has hand-buffed seams and a smooth finish. It is also available in copper. Cost: $14,500. Diamond Spas. 800-951-7727.

Easy Pieces Here's a twist on wood flooring: instead of strips or planks, this product comes in two puzzle-piece patterns that are ideal for entertainment and game rooms. Puzzle Floor units are prefinished, solid hardwood that interlock quickly to create a floor that is durable and easy to care for, the company says. The pieces are available in 13 colors. Cost: $18 to $22 per square foot. Puzzle Floor. 800-750-5563.

Power Up An 18-volt cordless tool, or even a 24-volt, used to be good enough. This manufacturer has upped the ante with its new line of heavy-duty, 36-volt tools. The line includes the circular saw shown here, plus a hammerdrill, a reciprocating saw, an impact wrench, a rotary hammer, a jigsaw, and a flashlight. The 36-volt battery for each weighs the same as an 18-volt and has the ability to deliver two to three times more run time, the company says. Cost: $379 to $799.

Spacer Odyssey Anyone who has laid tile knows how difficult it is to make spacing consistent. The Set-&-Go lightweight adjustable tile spacer allows users to achieve perfect grout line consistency, the manufacturer says. The frame adjusts in both length and width so that tilers can work faster, the company says. Moreover, there is no need to go back and remove spacers from between tiles to prepare for grouting. Cost: $39.95. Tristar Developments. 340-773-7827.