OSI’s newly introduced QUAD Window and Door system simplifies window and door installation while protecting against energy loss and water penetration, according to the company. The QUAD Window and Door system uses only three products and spotlights QUAD MAX, the company’s newest sealant. It is the only sealant required with the system and can be used for interior, exterior, and bedding applications. The other two components are OSI Butyl Flash Tape and QUAD installation foam.

QUAD MAX is made from a patented formula that OSI says boosts flexibility, with 5X stretch and 50 percent joint movement. The sealant will adhere to most building materials without the need for a primer and can be applied in wet or dry conditions. The formula also has enhanced UV resistance and is available in 4,600 color matches.

QUAD foam is designed to fill gaps, cracks, and holes in window and door openings. It’s low pressure and low expansion, so that it won’t warp doors and windows, with an insulation value of R-5/inch. Butyl Flash Tape is rubberized and self-adhering, providing a weather-resistant seal, and is available in three sizes.

The system comes with a 15-year warranty for new construction by a certified installer, and is GREENGUARD certified.