ATLANTA, Feb. 10, 2002 (Hanley-Wood News Service) - Manufacturers gathered at the 2002 International Builders' Show here this weekend to showcase their latest innovations. Following are a few of the most interesting products we saw at the show. Whirlpool Unveils World's First Refrigerated Range Whirlpool's Polara electric range keeps food at a 40-degree temperature until the time the user chooses to start cooking. For example, a chef can place an uncooked dish in the oven in the morning before leaving for work, and program the oven to kick on at 4:30 p.m. at 350 degrees. By the time everyone arrives home, the dinner is ready to go. The range also will switch into an automatic low-temperature warming mode for up to an hour after cooking if the user is late. The 30-inch range doesn't require customized hookup or installation. Polara will retail for $1,800 when it becomes available in Summer 2002. Moen's Faucet Fashion Show Reveals New Asceri Accents Line Moen literally held a faucet fashion show to unveil its latest line, Asceri Accents. Moen's design team looked at thousands of fabric patterns and chose 10 to feature in the new line. Patterns include safari, script, maps, and more. Material is fused to the brass faucets with a durable powder-coat like finish. Because the faucets use Moen's M-Pact common valve system, homeowners can swap patterns in minutes to give the bathroom an entirely new look, Moen says. Asceri Accents line runs from $50 to $200; faucet trim and valves are sold separately from accent pieces. DeWalt Introduces a New Metal Cutting Circular Saw Model DeWalt says its 18-volt cordless metal cutting circular saw is the first that will cut through metal 2 3/8 inches thick. Model DW369 has a thinner, cleaner cutting blade that lasts up to half a year, and it doesn't produce a lot of heat after a cut has been made, DeWalt said. The 7-pound saw's aluminum alloy blade guard includes a viewing window that allows you to see what you're cutting. The tool will retail for about $375 when it hits the market in Fall 2002. Broan-NuTone's New Whole-House System Broan-NuTone launched the GuardianPlus whole-house air filtration system that catches allergen materials down to 0.3 microns. The 99.97-percent effective system utilizes a HEPA filtration system, the same system that's used in hospitals, the company says. GuardianPlus systems weigh 35 pounds and are about a quarter the size of current air filtration systems, making them small enough to fit into cramped furnace rooms, attics, or closets. According to the firm, an HVAC pro can install the system in three hours or less in new and existing homes. The system requires two filters, which must be changed twice a year, and the HEPA filter, which must be changed once a year. Three configurations will be available this spring. The basic model will start at under $600 installed, and the high-end model will run about $1,200 installed. Delta Faucets Introduces The Victorian Kitchen Faucet Collection The Victorian faucet line, unveiled for the bath at last year's show, has been brought into the kitchen. A Quick-Snap feature makes the water supply connection quicker and easier for contractors, and self-locating, no-adjust handle bases take the guesswork out of proper handle installation, the company says. Single-handle and two-handle models feature a high-rise swivel spout and are available with a matching sprayer. The solid brass faucets come in chrome, bronze, chrome and brass combo, and stainless finishes. Victorian kitchen faucets will be available in May 2002, with prices ranging from $278 to $329.