World's Premier Power Tool Maker Takes Bold Step Into Digital Tool Market

December 10, 2002 - Bosch, the world's premier power tool maker, announced it has taken a bold step into the digital age by launching its new Bosch Digital Power Tool? line. At the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas, January 21, Bosch will debut the first entry in this family, Punch List?, a combination field-and-desktop task list manager that can link to the internet for automatic messaging, and integrate with popular desktop scheduling and project management systems. Punch List is the first tool in an ambitious line of digital productivity tools that Bosch will roll out to help improve the jobsite performance of field project managers and building and remodeling superintendents.

Through an exclusive reseller's agreement with Strata Systems, the makers of Punch List, Bosch will bring its formidable brand and marketing channels to assist Strata in reaching the broadest audience with its Punch List product.

Today, Punch List already enjoys one of the largest software user bases among builders and remodelers, and it counts as its customers many of America's largest and best-known builders.

"With intuitive pick-lists and a straightforward jobsite-focus, Punch List represents one of the best available construction-specific applications for the Palm platform that I've seen," said Joe Stoddard, an industry expert and principal with Mountain Consulting, LLC. "By putting Punch List in the hands of their production superintendents, lead carpenters, and warranty service reps, builders and remodelers will be able to streamline communications and shave substantial blocks of time from the construction cycle. Home buyers will certainly benefit as well, since their projects will finish sooner and with higher overall quality."

"The Bosch brand is among the strongest in the construction and remodeling industries. Its wellearned reputation as the world's leading power tool maker is built on a tradition of usability and tree concern for its customers' productivity, profitability, and safety," said Andrew Reed, vice president, Bosch brand. "For years, Bosch has brought enduring value to the users of its power tools, and now we will bring that same value to users of the new Bosch Digital Power Tool line."

Punch List will be demonstrated at the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas, in the Bosch booth C4141.

About Punch List

Designed for use by remodelers' and new home builders' field project managers, Punch List is an easy-to-use field (Palm-based) and desktop (PC-based) software tool driven by drop-down menus that allow users to manage task lists and distribute updates and task assignments with ease and effectiveness. Punch List, which lets users establish authoritative, updateable sources of job site information, allows users to manage task lists and punch list items, divide them by project and subproject, and assign them to the proper people. Punch List can also tag list items with outbound reminder messages that get launched (via email, fax, or print) as soon as the Palm "syncs" with the desktop PC. At-a-glance screens show item status, or users can easily sort by keyword across any Punch List field. Punch List also communicates with popular scheduling software packages and can be configured to download from and update to these packages. Punch List is downloadable from; or it can be installed via CD. Punch List runs on any Palm Computing platform device. For more about Austin, TX-based Strata Systems, creators of Punch List, visit or call Sil Argentin (773) 794-7495.

About Bosch and Bosch Digital Power Tools

Bosch Power Tools was founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 1886. From the inception of the company, it has been a long-standing tradition to supply solutions rather than just provide tools. Robert Bosch said, "I have always acted on the principle: 'rather lose money than confidence'." This statement has translated across all aspects of the company and is still present today. In December 2002, Bosch launched a new product line, Bosch Digital Power Tools, created to help field project managers be more efficient in their work, communicate more effectively with subcontractors and customers, and save time and money on the job. With the launch of this tool line, Bosch once again shows its commitment to its customers. For more information on Bosch Power Tools, call toll free at 877-BOSCH-99 (877-267-2499) or visit

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