Products from 2016 STAFDA Show
David Frane_Castle Crest Media LLC Products from 2016 STAFDA Show

Over at BUILDER's sister publication, TOOLS OF THE TRADE, David Frane found seven of the coolest tools that were showcased at the Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distribution Association convention in November. Here are just a few of the tools Frane found:

Estwing AL-Pro Hammer: This aluminum hammer is lightweight (14 ounces). It's designed to have plenty of shock- and vibration-absorbing power to lessen the strain on arms and shoulders.

Picard Hammers: Picard is a German hammer company that isn't often sold in the United States, but they are "one of the world's best-known brands of pro-grade hammers" and create different hammers based on what the hammers will be used for.

Ekso Zero G Arm: This mechanical arm is designed to help workers support and maneuver heavier pieces of equipment with ease. While it will make you feel like Iron Man, it will cost around $11,000 once it hits the market.

Vader Combo: The only thing worse than wearing a face shield is not wearing one and getting hit by a chunk of debris or splashed with something toxic or nasty. Brass Knuckle’s Vader Combo is a pair of goggles attached to a face shield. Smaller and lighter than traditional face shields, its close fit makes it hard for debris to come in from the sides or bottom. The goggles are vented and have an anti-fog coating to prevent condensation from obscuring your view.

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