SAN FRANCISCO -- Day One is nearly over at PCBC 2007: The Premier Building Show at San Francisco's Moscone Center. Unfortunately, I didn't have as much time to walk the floor as I wanted to thanks to Pulte Homes' announcement of layoffs, but I was able to sneak a few peaks.

Once again, I saw Martin Yan of "Yan Can Cook" fame promoting for General Electric.

Although I did not see him, National Football League Rookie of the Year Vince Young is helping Louisiana-Pacific promote its new items.

However, there were a couple of goodies that caught my eye today in the sea of green products appearing at the show.

* Green Guard is displaying a product called Raindrop Housewrap. The company says it is the first cross-woven housewrap with drainage channels that move water away from the wall.

* Nisus Corp. is promoting a termite treatment product called Bora-Care, which has no volatile organic compounds. In addition, the manufacturer claims that this product protects homes from carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, anobiid beetles, old house borers, longhorned beetles, algae, decay fungi, crickets, silverfish, and ants.

* Watts Radiant was by far my favorite display of the day. It had models of its heated floors that you could touch. The floors weren't too hot; it felt like a heating pad set on low. Just enough heat to keep you comfortable. I think in some homes, heated flooring would be ideal. For example, in my home, most of the vents are near the ceiling. Last time I checked, heat rises - and my house is giving the heat a big boost up.

* Chief Architect has released a new architectural design and drafting software. The new features of the Chief X1 include a 3D roof designer, 3D modeling to generate custom shapes, and integrated training videos with online help just to name a few.

* Sonoma Cast Stone is featuring NuCrete at the show. NuCrete is, according to the maker, the world's only stainless concrete. This product is impervious to lemon juice, wine, oil, and vinegar, prompting Sonoma Cast Stone to offer five-year guarantees to its cast stone sinks and countertop products that use NuCrete.

And now, I can officially say that though Day One is over, we'll be here until they close the doors on Friday. So continue to log on for more updates, articles, and blogs.

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