France has one of the worst reputations in Europe when it comes to recycling. A new start-up is trying to fix that with a smart trash can.

Eugene, which is being deployed in France later this year, will be able to scan items and tell users which receptacle, trash or recycle, to put it in. If it's successful, Business Insider suggests, it could make its way to the U.S. as part of the Smart Cities Challenge.

Few cities around the world have actually grown into truly "smart" cities — most are still in the early phases of implementing some of these IoT devices, and have yet to data processing and analysis tools that can turn vast troves of data from millions of devices into a real-time view of a city's activity and operations.

The smart cities segment has enormous potential as a market for IoT solutions, but it is also an inherently slow-moving market. Smart cities development faces many barriers around the world including tight municipal budgets, sluggish technology procurement guidelines for public agencies, privacy and cybersecurity concerns, and a pressing need for more IT staff at municipal agencies. Taking the time to deploy new, futuristic technologies can also be a luxury that many municipal agencies charged with the day-to-day running of a metropolis can’t afford.

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