Be Power Tech is shaking up the air conditioning industry with its newest product. Its hybrid fuel cell system relies on natural gas to power the air conditioner, relieving need-to-peak demand on electricity. The system also uses the excess heat to keep the unit running.

Robert Fares of Scientific American says Be Power Tech's air conditioner is one of the truly transformative technologies amid the clamor of tech start ups, though the company is still in trial stages for the product.

To bring its technology to market, Be Power Tech is conducting tests of the system under various atmospheric conditions and use cases in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The company expects to begin field trials of the system next year. If they can prove the system’s benefits under real-world operating conditions and communicate its value proposition to commercial customers, I expect they will see rapid adoption of the technology. Air conditioning is a major expense for commercial building owners, and everyone wants a better air conditioner.

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