A new flesh detecting technology could save fingers and reduce tragic accidents on the job-site says Popular Mechanics writer Timothy Dahl. The new Bosch Reaxx flesh-detecting active response technology works as such:

Bosch's saw establishes a low-voltage capacitive circuit between the user and a sensing device next to the blade. Flesh coming into contact with the blade shorts the circuit and trips the chemical firing mechanism of a cartridge housed next to the blade. The loud bang we heard was created by the cartridge as it fires a stopped pin forward; the pin knocks out a clasp that holds the spinning blade in position on a drop arm assembly. Once the clasp is knocked out, the spinning blade assembly free-falls into the cavity below the table, its journey accelerated by the blade's torque.

To test out the technology, an editor at Pro Tool Reviews decided to test out the saw on his own finger. The blade nicks his skin a little bit, but coming away with a small cut doesn't compare to losing an entire finger.

Continue to Popular Mechanics to see a video of the saw in action.

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