Christopher Duffy, a British designer, has unveiled a whimsical new piece that represents the ocean floor. The Abyss Horizon table is based on the contours of actual maps of the ocean floor. The ocean floor is brought to life in the table, which is made from hundreds of pieces of cut glass and birch wood, which Duffy stacked together like a jigsaw puzzle says WIRED's Margaret Rhodes. The process of milling the layers and fitting them all together takes three months.

For the Abyss Table, Duffy studied the dozens of maps submitted by oceanographers. “I was looking for an abyss, a really deep, deep zone, and a shallow zone,” he says. “The high points and shallow points, the nooks and crannies, that’s where it gets interesting.” He eventually settled on a patch of bathymetry from the tropics (although after looking at so many maps, he forgets exactly where) and applied a bit of artistic license to the computer modeling to make its depths that much more dramatic.

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