Stick It: DriTac 7500 Eco-Urethane floor adhesive is free of volatile organic compounds and odor, so it can be used in areas where other products are restricted, DriTac Adhesive Group says. The adhesive contains no water and meets EPA requirements. It can be used on a variety of flooring including engineered planks, parquet, and plywood. Cost: 75 cents per square foot. DriTac Adhesive Group. 800-394-9310.

Head Case: This new line of showerheads offers three ways for buyers to show their green side. Using a technology the company calls “fluidics,” the units reduce water usage but still give bathers the feel of a high water flow. Heads are available in flow rates of 1.85 gallons per minute (gpm), 1.75 gpm, and 1.6 gpm.
A two-spray unit that allows the user to switch between 1.85 and 2.5 also is available. Cost: $20 to $80. Alsons. 800-421-0001.

Modern Amenity: The Tureen direct-vent gas fireplace makes a bold statement. Featuring contemporary styling, the fireplace comes with a double-fired ceramic bowl filled with river rocks and a heat-resistant glass door. It generates up to 26,000 BTU and has an electronic ignition and a digital thermostatic hand-held remote. Cost: $2,899 ($1,395 for optional stainless steel kit). Napoleon Fireplaces. 800-461-5581.

Coastal Front:

This Coastal Shingle panel is made from 100 percent vertical-grain Western red cedar shingles and features a 7 1/8-inch exposure. Handcrafted with a 1/2-inch-thick butt, the panel is easier to install than hand-applied products and goes up almost six times faster, the company says. Cost: $4.25 to $4.50 per square foot. Cedar Valley Shingle Systems. 800-521-9523.

Glass Menagerie: With Urbanslabs, yesterday’s trash becomes today’s treasure. The countertop surfacing is made from 60 percent post-consumer glass containers and the company’s own cement matrix. It can be cut, bull-nosed, seamed, and polished just like natural stone. The tops are available in two standard sheet sizes as well as custom dimensions. Cost: about $74 per square foot installed. Eco Surfaces. 714-954-0161.

Light Years: If you’re doing a luxury project and you want a light fixture that makes a statement, the Tris PL2 is a serious contender. Available as a wall- or ceiling-mount, the fixture has a chrome frame and a hand-blown diffuser that comes in milk white, red, and black glass. It is also available with a ­mirror-finished metal diffuser. Costs $1,497.50. Studio Italia Design. 305-621-9602.

Easy Does It:

Installing laminate flooring is a little harder than manufacturers say, but this new line promises to be easier. The product features what the company calls “tap and go locking technology,” which uses a hook joint, rather than a traditional tongue and groove. As a result, the system is installed vertically and can be done by one person. Cost: 50 to 60 cents per square foot. Yekalon Industry. 702-365-1516.

Top Drawers:
As if refrigerated drawers weren’t small enough, the manufacturer now has this 15-inch unit. Available as a freezer or refrigerator, the units feature stainless steel interiors, electronic digital temperature control, and a variable speed compressor. They’re available in stainless steel or with an overlay kit to match cabinet. Cost. $2,999. Perlick. 800-558-5592.