A garage door opener is usually just a piece of hardware installed close to the center of a garage and may come with an automated light as well. But that's not all it could do. Ryobi re-imagines the garage door opener's purpose in the garage, making it a hub for all a homeowner's work.

Ryobi's One+ garage door opener plugs into a standard outlet, but also accommodates a battery pack that lasts for 100 open-close cycles. It also comes with five modules that adapt the garage door opener to anything a homeowners wants to use it for:

Park Assist: Two ultra-bright class two lasers activate when the garage door opens to help guide drivers to their preferred stopping points.

Retractable Cord Reel: A 30-foot extension cord with three outlets easily pulls down from the cord reel and retracts back into the unit when not in use.

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker: Keep garage work entertaining by easily pairing your MP3 player with this powerful speaker from up to 30 feet away. An integrated microphone allows for hands-free phone calls.

Fan: Snap in this fan with dual pivot points to provide cooling in any direction.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm: Monitor carbon monoxide, as well as temperature and humidity with this module that emits an 85 dBa alert in case of danger. All monitoring can be done from the Ryobi garage door smartphone app, though the app is not required for carbon monoxide monitoring.

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