Residential energy consumption is the third largest use of energy in the U.S., and of that, approximately 35% of that energy is wasted. Homeselfe, a company dedicated to saving homeowners on their utility bills, put together an infographic that shows just how much energy each appliance and feature in the home uses and how much it costs.

Of the top 10 energy users, heating and cooling come in at number one and two, collectively making up 47% of energy use and costing $1,056 on average across the U.S in a year. The water heater is roughly 14% of a household's energy use., lighting is 12%, and your washer and dryer takes up 13% of your energy use.

In terms of 'vampire' energy, where these technologies consume energy when left plugged into a wall, cable boxes, computers, printers, dvd players, gaming consoles and televisions ranked highly. However, the central heating furnace came in at No. 5. Even when it's 'off' a furnace uses electricity.

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