If not done properly, installing flooring over a concrete slab can be disconcerting. Moisture penetration through the slab can cause adhesive failure, buckling of the flooring material, and even indoor air quality issues. To help protect flooring systems, HB Fuller's TEC brand now offers an improved formula of The LiquiDam, a penetrating moisture vapor barrier delivering less than 0.1 permeability of water vapor through the membrane.  Exceeding ASTM F3010-13 standards for moisture vapor barriers, the new formula offers a higher level of moisture protection than previous iterations of the product, while keeping the same time- and labor-saving benefits. The one-coat, fast-drying formula cures within five hours and allows for same-day flooring installation. When used as a system with other TEC surface preparation products and flooring adhesives, The LiquiDam qualifies for a 20-year moisture control limited system warranty.

The LiquiDam Penetrating Moisture Vapor Barrier can be applied to new or existing concrete with a maximum relative humidity of 100%, and a moisture vapor emission rate of 25 pounds per 1,000 square feet per 24 hours. Multiple application methods are approved. One coat offers more than 150 square feet of coverage depending on the surface porosity. TEC Products | 800.832.9002 | tecspecialty.com