Given the means and the option, numerous home buyers would probably choose hardwood flooring as their first choice. Perhaps this explains why there are so many wood flooring exhibitors at SURFACES this week. But, many offerings at this year's show are, at best, average, with thin top layers and inconsistent finishes. And the less said about the vinyl offerings the better.

But SURFACES also presented a number of exciting flooring products, such as cool corks, slick bamboo, and cheerful-looking glass in ice-cream colors. Some good wood products commanded a presence as well. Here are some of the notable offerings from this year's SURFACES.

Enviro Hardwood: The manufacturer recovers teak hardwood from a manmade South American lake that was created in 1960 to produce hydroelectric power. About 1 million acres of rainforest was flooded and lost, so the company’s diving recovery teams use underwater chainsaws to reclaim the trees. Lumber from the effort makes these 2- to 5-inch-wide flooring in a wonderful array of natural colors. They come in random lengths.

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