As energy storage grows, solar companies are realizing their solar energy is worth much more when residents can use it whenever they want - not just when the sun is out. Sunrun, a leader of solar panel installations in the U.S., just announced its newest offering, Brightbox.

Brightbox is an energy storage solution that Sunrun is customizing to each customer's needs, accounting for angle of the roof and unique features of a home. It's currently available in Hawaii, where energy prices have skyrocketed and can provide homeowners a substantial amount of savings. Sunrun says Brightbox will be rolled out across the U.S. later this year. One of its partners is Tesla, which makes the Powerwall battery.

“Innovation is in Sunrun’s DNA," said Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich. "We pioneered solar-as-a-service, which removed the high upfront cost and complexity of home solar and we’ve done it again with energy storage so homeowners can use clean, affordable power day and night. Sunrun remains focused on providing customized solutions that give families more choice and helps them save on energy.”

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