At Mobile World Congress this week, Sony debuted its smart home hub concept Xperia Agent, which is aimed to take on the likes of Amazon Echo.

The Amazon Echo has come to popularity in the last several months as the newest option to control all of the gadgets in the smart home. Like the Echo, Sony's Xperia Agent is voice controlled and can also respond to questions. However, it can also be controlled by gestures. A short video demo on Wareable shows Xperia projecting images of information on a desk or kitchen counter while the user waves his hand to flip through screens of information.

Like LG, Sony has plenty of fresh ideas at this year's MWC. Sony has been showing off the Xperia Agent concept alongside its new hearable, the Xperia Ear, and wearable camera, the Xperia Eye.

There was a separate Xperia Projector concept for displaying interactive projections on surfaces. Touch, voice and gesture controlled, it's designed as a kind of family play area. In time, we could see the Agent and Projector ideas converge into one smart home system.

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