Just six weeks after Dow pulled the plug on its own solar shingles, SolarCity is picking up the pieces. During SolarCity's Q2 earnings call, Elon Musk, the company's chairman, discussed Tesla's recent acquisition of SolarCity and introduced plans for a solar roof: "It's not a thing on the roof. It is the roof," he said.

As Dow similarly found, if homeowners have plans to replace the roof in a few years, they're very likely not to install solar panels. However, if homeowners could cut out the cost of replacing the roof and installing solar panels, it would be much simpler and more effective.

Just like with any other innovations Musk implies, there is no set date, pricing, or specifics regarding the solar shingles. Musk only mentioned the shingles will be manufactured in the newly-built Gigafactory in Buffalo, New York.

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