CHICAGO, June 10, 2002 -- In 1924, Skil Power Tools created a unique power tool that changed the construction and home improvement industries forever. The invention of the Skilsaw circular saw helped build America by providing a low cost portable way to quickly cut materials on a job site. Rooted in an idea for a motorized machete to cut sugarcane, modern day circular saw technology came to life with the development of the Skilsaw model E saw. The model E had a die-cast aluminum housing that defined the portable electric power circular saw market and paved the way for and the Skilsaw model 77. The Skilsaw model 77 had a unique worm drive gearing that gave high torque and durability for a long tool life. 77 years later, the updated and improved Skilsaw model 77 can be found on many job sites all over America. It is a true success story with a long history of performance and quality that is still the favorite of contractors across the country.

"The introduction of the first Skilsaw circular saw changed the construction industry forever," said Mark Miklosz, Skil circular saw product manager. "After more than seven decades, the Skilsaw is recognized as one of the tools that has had the greatest impact on residential construction in America."

In celebration of the 77th anniversary of this American original, Skil has created a limited anniversary edition Skilsaw model 77 worm drive circular saw. The limited edition Skilsaw has been professionally painted as an American flag. The saws are designed to be functional, but will most likely be used as a collector's item.

"We are very proud of our American heritage and our innovative history at Skil," said Miklosz. "The limited anniversary edition Skilsaw model 77 was created to celebrate that tradition and to give power tool enthusiasts, professional construction and trade workers, and even Do-It-Yourselfers a chance to own a patriotic showpiece."

Skil will manufacture and paint only 250 limited edition saws for this milestone anniversary. Skil will auction 25 of these on eBay and donate the proceeds to the New York Fire Department Engine 34, Ladder 21 firehouse, one firehouse of many that were heroes from 9/11. In addition to eBay, a number of Skilsaw distributors will sponsor their own raffles. The limited anniversary edition Skilsaw model 77s will be auctioned on eBay from August 1 through August 15. For more information, please visit or

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