Here's a sneak peek at some of the hottest products being unveiled at this year's International Builders' Show. By BUILDER Magazine Staff

Psst ... wanna get a look at some new products before anyone else? We've assembled some of the most promising here for our readers. The rest of the world will have to stomp the 600,000 square feet of the International Builders' Show floor to see these 19 hot products. The event, which will be held again in Atlanta, Feb. 8-11, is the world's largest annual construction industry trade show. This year's show will feature more than 1,000 manufacturers with hot new products and services that can help take your business to the top.

In addition to being a hotbed for products and networking, the expo will feature special industry events and nearly 200 educational seminars ranging from design and construction to business management, land development, and customer service. Plus, tecHOMExpo, a huge hit in its first year in 2001, will deliver the latest high-tech products and services.

Cabinet member: Designed with early-20th-century styling, the Fairhaven framed cabinet is made from aluminum with classic crown and foot moldings. The beaded door features a 1/2-inch beveled mirror and a chrome oval knob. Each cabinet measures 34 inches by 26 inches and is available in two mounting styles: a surface mount with a 4-inch interior depth and a semi-recess mount with a 6-inch interior depth. Robern. 800-877-2376. Composite corners: Engineered to withstand harsh weather and climate conditions, Royal Wood outside and inside corner trim offers builders and remodelers an easy-to-install alternative wood corner, the company claims. The product is a wood/plastic composite that installs with nails or screws and can be used as a general-purpose molding to replace cove, shingle, bed, and other molding applications. Precision Composites. 866-899-3320.

Force fed: Ingenium is a gravity-fed, siphon-jet toilet flushing system engineered to deliver the performance of a commercial-grade toilet to a residential setting. The force of water dropping from the tank is channeled through rim holes and a plug-resistant siphon jet. Then water and waste are flushed out through a fully glazed 2-inch trapway. For better hygiene and to help maintain a cleaner bowl, the minimum toilet water surface with Ingenium is 10 inches by 9 inches. The system can be found in nearly all of the company's toilet models. Kohler. 800-456-4537.

Extended play: XTEND reciprocating saw blades feature Micro Edge technology, which is a progressive tooth design combined with a micro-thin kerf. The design affords less drag and resistance than standard saw blades, and the result, the maker says, is a more efficient cordless reciprocating saw that yields twice as many cuts per charge compared to standard reciprocating saw blades. Vermont American. 800-742-3869. Cold fusion: The Polara 30-inch refrigerator/range allows homeowners to refrigerate and bake meals all within one unit. Equipped with four programming options, the Polara sets cool and cook start and stop times for up to 24 hours. The compressor, which powers the refrigerator, is located under the oven cavity where a traditional range features storage. For uniform baking, the convection oven features the company's AccuBake Duo sensor temperature management system. The refrigerator/range is available in four colors: biscuit, stainless steel, black, and white. Whirlpool. 800-253-1301.

Curved appeal: Curved radius acrylic block walls, which are available in a variety of arcs and sizes, can be used for room dividers, bar units, showers, and partitions. The product is constructed of 6- or 8-inch acrylic blocks in an angled frame. Shapes include quarter circles and half circles. Hy-Lite. 800-827-3691.

Stellar stone: Solar and Stellar Aurora indoor/outdoor porcelain stone tiles are available in two finishes--a slip-resistant outdoor finish and a smoother, easier-to-clean, indoor finish. The tiles may be specified in 12-inch-by-12-inch and 18-inch-by-18-inch sizes. Bullnose tiles and bullnose corner tiles also are available in the 12-inch-by-12-inch size. Crossville Ceramics. 800-221-9093.

Tongue and groove: G-P Plus Plywood Sturd-I-Floor features the APA Quick-Fit tongue and groove design. The plywood also features a fully sanded face that provides a smooth surface for floor coverings. According to the maker, flooring products such as vinyl tile, hardwood, and carpet with padding can be installed directly over this subfloor. Georgia Pacific. 800-284-5347.

Adorned door: This redesigned Weather Shield 1 3/4-inch-thick wood hinged patio door is available in multiple heights up to 10 feet. The door features European-designed, 4-inch hinges for easy installation and adjustments as well as a handle-activated multi-point locking system for security. The company offers a choice of 10 finishes, seven wood species, and extruded aluminum exteriors or primed wood exteriors. Weather Shield. 800-477-6808. Night light: As part of the NightScene collection, P5270 path lights are constructed of solid copper and detailed with ribbed glass shades. The lights are designed to add aesthetic appeal to walkways and gardens during evening hours. Progress Lighting. 864-599-6000.

Quick fitted: EasyFit fiberglass insulation batts feature vertical perforations that allow installers to custom fit non-standard-width wall cavities. Instead of cutting the batts with a utility knife, the installer can easily separate them by hand for fitting. The product is available in R-13, 15-inch-by-93-inch batts. Johns Manville. 800-654-3103.

Top dog: According to the manufacturer, this top-handle, worm-drive circular saw is the first of its kind. Model 1678 features a 3-hp, 15-amp motor for unbridled power and smooth cutting. To help improve cut line visibility, the blade is mounted on the left side rather than the right. The metal motor housing handles loads and dissipates heat to preserve the life of the tool up to four times as long as other top-handle circular saws. Bosch. 877-267-2499. Techno tape: This digital line tape measures more than 300 feet, which is longer than standard fiberglass tapes, the maker claims. Equipped with a biodegradable line, the tape features a digital readout, memory storage, and a bi-material grip. The product comes with a shoulder strap, a carrying case, a spare line spool, and four AAA batteries. Stanley. 800-648-7654.

Tokyo tub: The Onzen bath, which is made of gel coat, resembles a Japanese soaking tub. It features a simplistic design and deep soaking well. The tub, which is spacious enough to fully submerge the bather, is available in white as well as a variety of custom colors. Ann Sacks. 503-281-7751. Quick corner: Ten miterless corner systems and matching divider blocks are available in a variety of styles including crown Florentine, egg and dart, and dentil garland. Like regular wood millwork, installation entails the use of nails and a millwork adhesive on the back of each piece. The product arrives with a barrier coat of white, but it can be stained, painted, or finished with upgraded Metallon finishes. Style Solutions. 800-446-3040.

Powered up: Featuring Honda's premium 11-hp OHV GX engine, the 6,000-watt, DG6000 heavy-duty gas generator is built for contractors and the professional work site. The air intake, choke, and carburetor systems allow for easy starting regardless of air temperature, the company claims. The generator also features a brushless alternator, a muffler for quiet operation, and an idle control for fuel efficiency. DeWalt. 800-433-9258.

Ice blocks: The company has introduced seven additional IceScapes patterns and sizes to its line of glass block windows. Patterns include square, triangular, hexagonal, and curved designs. According to the firm, each pattern is ideal for zero-lot line applications where privacy is needed. Pittsburgh Corning. 800-624-2120. Shake it up: Portsmouth shake vinyl cladding features deep, rustic split cedar grain on its face as well as the area under the profile edge. For durability, reinforced nail slots and perimeter locks, combined with a .1-inch thickness, make the product capable of withstanding wind gusts up to 160 mph, the maker maintains. Crane Performance Siding. 800-366-8472.

Wall to wall: Wall Surfaces, a surfacing product designed for vertical applications in the bathroom, is made from 3-mm acrylic slabs and is similar to Corian. According to the maker, the renewable surface resists mold, mildew, and stains. The company currently offers the product in two solid colors, white and vanilla, as well as four speckled colors that coordinate with Corian countertops. DuPont. 800-426-7426.