Organized Living freedomRail Reveal Accessories

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Hampers, pant racks, wire baskets, and more. The durable construction of new Reveal accessories brings added features and convenience to Organized Living storage systems at an attractive price point.

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A recent survey by Trulia found that walk-in closets are the second most lovable feature among home buyers. When asked "which home amenity would make you, personally, fall in love with a home?" 63% of respondents cited the walk-in closets, while 70% said master bathrooms, and 56% chose gourmet kitchens.

"Home buyers constantly rank adequate storage and walk-in closets as their second most desired feature in their dream home," explains Jennifer Castenson, vice president of marketing at Organized Living. "Gone are the days where builders can use ordinary wire shelving in new homes. Today's buyers want smart storage solutions to make home life easier. Reveal was created with their needs in mind because it puts storage right at the home buyer's fingertips. Plus, it provides builders with limitless design flexibility to help them meet their buyer's demands and differentiate their homes."

Recognizing the importance of closets as an amenity, Organized Living has expanded its product line with the Reveal accessories collection that's sure to attract home buyers. Designed for the freedomRail product line, Reveal accessories make for affordable upgrades to standard closets. The product line includes slide-out hampers, shoe racks, baskets, and pant racks that snap into the freedomRail uprights to increase storage options in closets, pantries, laundry rooms, and elsewhere. The components are production-oriented, so Organized Living's nationwide dealer network can install Reveal for builders without negatively affecting the production timeline.

In addition to better functionality, Reveal accessories are designed to add value to the organized space. The components comprise as much as 30% more steel than elements of other closet systems, and can hold heavier weight loads, which cuts down on call-backs for builders. All this for just $65 to $100 list price per component; builders will usually pay a percentage less, the company says.