WHAT IS ARGUABLY THE WORLD'S MOST advanced toilet, Neorest, now has its own store where consumers can kick the proverbial tires and experience the products firsthand.

Introduced last year by New York–based Toto USA, Neorest is a line of high-concept toilets that incorporate an automatically opening and closing lid, automatic flushing, deodorizer, heated seat, and warm air dryer.

“It's the first lifestyle store centered around the high-tech bathroom,” Lenora Campos, Toto USA public relations manager, said at the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas in May.

The sleek Neorest store opened earlier this year in Wellington, Fla., an upscale community that is populated by the type of consumers who are likely to buy the pricey toilet. Buyers can get design ideas as well as experience the company's luxury personal comfort products and innovative technologies for themselves, Campos says.

The store will display only products that are unavailable through its U.S. distributing partners and carry accessories such as grab bars, bath mats, and mirrors. In addition, products will be test-marketed in the store to gauge their viability in the U.S. market.