“It’s durable and performs like advertised,” says Dan Gorski, vice president of purchasing and design at Madison, Wis.–based Tim O’Brien Homes, who, like other respondents, favors DuPont’s trademarked home wrap. Since its development in 1955, Spunbonded Olfefin—the Tyvek material—has been found to absorb little or no moisture, resist rips, cut easily, and work as an air barrier, according to the company. As a weather barrier, DuPont says Tyvek has a number of performance benefits:

  • The water resistance blocks excess water from entering walls.
  • The breathable structure allows moisture vapor to pass through to promote drying in wall systems.
  • The non-woven fiber stops air movement through walls, improving the home’s energy efficiency.

“It’s rugged and easy to use,” Paul Castillo of Castillo & Sons in California tells BUILDER. DuPont offers a specialist network of field reps to assist with on-site training and installation. www.dupont.com