The SharkBite push-fit quick-connect plumbing system might be the easiest way to join water distribution pipes. Just insert the pipe and push until the stainless steel teeth on the quick-connect fittings bite down and grip tight. A specially formulated O-ring then compresses to create a seal.

The sole plumbing accessory on our 2013 Readers Choice products list, pros nominated these handy fittings for their ease of use. Bob Boyle, owner of Thunderbird Builders in New York, told BUILDER: “I’m not a plumber, but [SharkBites] allow me to save a bunch of time -- and therefore money -- on small repairs and installs without having to get another sub on the job.”

As it turns out, these reusable brass fittings are powerful little problem solvers. According to the manufacturer, they:

  • Require no soldering, clamps, unions, or glue.
  • Are compatible with copper tubing, CTS CPVC, and PEX pipe.
  • Are certified to 200 PSI and 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Feature DZR forged brass body and 316 grade stainless steel fittings that resist corrosion.
  • Are approved for use underground and behind walls without access panels.

The SharkBite product line spans a wide-range of plumbing accessories, fittings, gauges, and valves.