Designed to bring fresh air into a home on demand, Velux’s Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight opens and closes via remote control and comes equipped with a solar panel that supplies power to the operating system, eliminating the need for additional batteries or a manual control. The panel is designed for both new construction and retrofit applications, and needs no additional wiring. Ten skylight sizes are available, and the full opening range of the skylight varies depending on the panel’s width. Factory-installed blinds are available in eight standard options and more than eight special-order options, and they come equipped with their own battery and solar panel built into the overall assembly. The blind mechanics can be synched to the same remote control as the skylight. Up to 200 skylights can be programmed into one remote for larger installations, and the battery systems are equipped to monitor power supply and will not open if enough power is not in reserve for an entire open-close cycle. In addition, the PV panel is equipped with a rain sensor that will cue the skylight to close if rain is detected. Each skylight come with Velux’s No Leak warranty which covers installation for 10 years.