Kavi Vu

One of the newest smart technologies to hit the market it tech startup firm Flair's new Puck and Smart Vent.

Puck is a wireless sensor that monitors rooms and learns occupants habits and tells a thermostat how to program itself for optimized comfort and efficiency. The Smart Vent, similar to ecovent's product, directs airflow to rooms that need it most

“Flair gives you the best of both worlds,” said Flair Co-Founder, Kenny Tay. “A simple physical interface, almost like the light switch for everything else, and a seamless option where you don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket for the room to adjust to your preferences. You aren’t manually adjusting vents or having to remember to turn things on and off – Flair does that automagically.”

Flair is now selling at $40 for the Smart Vent and $60 for the Puck.

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