Photographer: Matthew Borkoski

The show floor at this year’s International Builders’ Show may not be as packed as it has been in previous years—say, in the heady days of 1.5 million-plus starts—but that shouldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of attendees making the trek to Las Vegas later this month. In fact, with the lineup of new products that manufacturers have in store, you can rest assured that building products companies have done their part to liven the mood.

This is no small feat. Housing starts are down, the economy is thawing slowly, and a long arduous recovery is ahead. It would have been easy for manufacturers to phone it in and show nothing but old wares—or not even show up at all. But a number of companies not only made the commitment to be at the show but also worked overtime to bring exciting new products to market.

Plumbing giant Kohler is one of the companies you can always count on to have scores of new products. This year the manufacturer is unveiling its very first one-piece, high-efficiency toilet, which flushes with only 1.28 gallons of water.

Trex also will be making headlines with a totally new decking product line that the company is calling a “game changer.” Transcend decking is made with 95 percent recycled material—mainly old shopping bags and wood dust—but the product also features a new technology that is engineered to withstand high traffic, stains, scratches, and mold. Moreover, the company says this proprietary formulation gives the boards a more realistic wood look.

Brizo brand’s newest kitchen introduction expands on the company’s SmartTouch technology, which allows homeowners to activate the faucet by touching or tapping anywhere on the spout or the handle. The product also features the manufacturer’s hybrid valve, which is made from one plain ceramic disc and another ceramic disc embedded with diamonds.

There will be plenty of other new product introductions such as these at the show. We don’t have the space to show all of them here, but we’ve assembled a representative sampling on the following pages. Take a look and then go forth and see for yourself. We’re sure you’ll find something you like.

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