New York-based startup EnGoPlanet has created a new kind of way to power streetlights, reports Popular Mechanics writer Avery Thompson. The company has built four streetlights at a Vegas intersection that will be powered entirely by renewable energy from both solar power and foot power.

During the day, the lights will run on solar energy, but at night, they will be powered by the kinetic energy of all the people walking by them and stepping on the modular tiles in place.

The Vegas streetlights are a trial of the company's new "kinetic tiles," which convert footsteps to electrical energy. According to the company, each step generates "from 4 to 8 watts" of power. It's not clear how many footsteps would be required to power their streetlights. Each streetlight also doubles as a Wi-Fi hotspot and charging station, and comes with a suite of atmospheric and environmental sensors. They also come with built-in surveillance cameras, which may carry potential privacy concerns.

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