Quiet, Please

The LunAura bath fan features a soothing, soft blue LED night-light that can turn any room in the home into a calming space. Available with a round, square, or diamond light panel, the Energy Star–rated product also comes equipped with a 36-watt fluorescent main light. It operates at 90 cfm at 0.9 sones or 110 cfm at 0.7 sones. The product will fit 2x8 ceiling construction. NuTone. 888-336-3948.www.nutone.com.

Recycling Center

Made with recycled plastic bottles and other post-consumer materials, EnGuard batt insulation contains no volatile organic compounds, carcinogens, formaldehyde, or other chemical binders. As a result, the 100 percent recyclable product requires no protective gear for installation and will not absorb moisture. It comes in R-13, 19, and 21. Vita Nonwovens. 336-431-7187.www.enguardinsulation.com.