Foiled Again

TechShield Foil radiant barrier sheathing is an update of the manufacturer's TechShield product. It provides performance similar to that provided by the company's older radiant barrier sheathing, but the new product can also be installed in existing homes as well as in moist climates. Once installed, TechShield Foil may reduce monthly energy costs up to 17 percent. It comes in 500-square-foot rolls. LP. 888-820-0325.

Liquid Assets

Liquid Dazzle is a 100 percent epoxy floor coating with colored metallic additives that move and change when applied. Designed for custom applications in high-end homes, the decorative flooring product is highly durable, the company says, and is available in a variety of iridescent colors. Westcoat. 800-250-4519.

Tankless Job 

The LS Series line of high-output, high-efficiency tankless water heaters can be used for residential and commercial applications—a first in the industry, the company says. Because the unit has a commercial-grade heat exchanger, it can be used for domestic hot water alone or domestic hot water plus space heating. Available in interior and exterior models, the unit offers a maximum of 199,000 BTUs and has a maximum output of 9.4 gallons of water per minute. Rinnai. 866-046-6241.

Nigel Maynard is senior editor, products, at BUILDER magazine.

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