When buying drones, customers have two options: skimp on quality for a smaller, easier-to-carry device or upgrade for quality and be forced to lug around a giant technology.

In The Verge's awards edition, a new breed of drones emerges, where image quality, battery life, and range come in a compact size that fits in a backpack.

The winner was DJI Mavic with a 9.5 score and retail price of $999.00. Among the raves, The Verge writes it is "extremely portable and less intimidating to fly. But it still delivers great imagery, 27 minutes of battery life, and a whopping four miles of range."

The runner-up was Yuneec Typhoon H, with a score of 6.5 and priced at $892.99. It's clunky to transport and its price doesn't give you the best bang for your buck: "Sure it can capture crisp, smooth footage, and it delivered on its promised battery life, but the imagery you can get with it isn’t noticeably better than units which are far cheaper and smaller."

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