Lumber and timber
Mats Tooming Lumber and timber

Last Fall, the U.S.-Canada Softwood Lumber Agreement expired. Now, NAHB is forming The American Alliance of Lumber Consumers (AALC)--a coalition that is supports free trade in lumber and building materials.

NAHB believes any new agreement must be mindful of the U.S. housing market and ensure American consumers of lumber have access to a stable, dependable and affordable supply. The current share of Canadian imported lumber in the U.S. market is 28% (three-year average), and any new trade agreement has the great potential to disrupt the stability of the market and reduce the current share of imports.

AALC believes restrictive trade agreements that impose, quotas, tariffs and other border tax measures have the potential to create large and unpredictable swings in the cost and supply of lumber and other key building materials, which hurts housing affordability.

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