For most landlords, a simple credit check is all they need before they sign papers to a new tenant. A new startup called Naborly says that's not good enough.

Naborly wants to use credits scores along with social media, rental histories, google, and more to help landlords decide to whom to rent apartments. The system relies on over 500 data points to help determine macroeconomic events, interpersonal conflicts, job types, etc., all of which could indicate a bad tenant more than a simple credit score.

Co-founder David Lenz says the company has raised $500,000 so far and are looking for $2 million more in seed funding to grow the company. For now, its service is still live and costs $59 for a plan with one tenant and $149 a year for up to five units.

In the future, this technology could start raising questions around what information landlords can use to determine whether residents are a fit for the community.

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