The economy may be down, but for those buyers with money to spend, the luxury kitchen and bath product sector is as bright as ever.

In years past, the best place to see the cool stuff for the Madison Avenue set was the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, which typically displayed such wares as $6,000 toilets, $11,000 tubs, and $2,200 faucets. It turns out that the Wall Street crash, high employment, and a credit crunch have not killed this market. As The New York Times said, “You need a little razzle-dazzle to pull in the crowd at a trade show…”

This year’s show was mostly all about green and value, but we did manage to find some really cool products that bring back the good old days. While these products cost decidedly more than the typical offerings in their categories, they were not offensively (or obscenely) expensive.

You may not be able to afford them, but there’s no harm in looking, so watch the video and check out our picks.