WHEN DELIVERED, THE AVERAGE new home includes very little landscaping or none at all. Sure, there's a driveway and perhaps some flowers planted in front, but that's about it.

“You will find that a lot more builders pay more attention to the kitchen cabinets and the countertops than they do to landscaping,” says Rich Ohmann, vice president of sales and marketing for St. Lawrence Homes in Raleigh, N.C. “But as we know from Real Estate 101, curb appeal is a major factor in home purchases.”

A few simple additions can make a big difference in a house's appearance, whether in landscape lighting, flowers, a well-planted lawn, or a stone or brick patio.

“Landscaping with brick is a popular choice because it stands up to the elements so well,” says Jewel Warlick, marketing director for Brick Southeast, an association of manufacturers and distributors. “It also adds a classic, durable look to any outdoor space and extends a home's living space far beyond its wall.”

It seems strange that builders leave landscaping up to the buyers, especially when you consider the importance of curb appeal and the trend toward outdoor living space.

Some builders, however, are starting to get it. St. Lawrence Homes, for example, offers a choice of three landscape packages to new-home buyers in one of their communities. And Winston-Salem, N.C.–based Pine Hall Brick says it has seen a marked increase in the use of brick pavers in new-home construction, especially on the higher end.

“With nearly 60 percent of new homes featuring a patio, consumers want a warmer look than is offered by traditional poured concrete, and they are getting their ideas from local commercial projects that are using clay pavers at an increasing rate,” says Ted Corvey, marketing director and paver business director for Pine Hall Brick.

St. Lawrence gambled on the fact that well-executed landscaping in the parts of the community that were already sold would spur sales and prices in those areas still under construction. It appears the company was right: The new development where landscape packages are offered is “one of the most successful projects we have done in a long time,” Ohmann says.

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