Dezeen's Dan Howarth reports that New York-based designer Joe Doucet has teamed up with co-founders Dean DiSimone and Evan Clabots to launch a range of 3D printed home accessories under a brand called Othr, which he unveiled during this year's NYCxDesign festival.

The collection features 12 small products, made from materials such as steel and porcelain, but all produced on 3D printers. The pieces include a birdhouse, containers, juicers, and a sugar bowl.

"Most people think of 3D printing first and foremost as something that can make what other methods of manufacture can't," said Doucet. "It allows for a complexity that can be very tempting for designers and the results are things that only exist because they can, and perhaps should not. Therefore, we decided to work with the best talent in the world of design to normalize the technology," he added. "We create useful, aesthetic and unique objects for everyday use."

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