Hanley Wood product editors are combing the Builders' Show exhibit floor in search of innovative and interesting introductions for you and your clients. Here are hot finds from Day 3, including new Armstrong hardwood flooring, a Bosch random orbit sander, a Miele dishwasher, Shakretown shingle panels, and more.

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring
Previously available only in commercial flooring, Armstrong's new Premier Performance engineered hardwood flooring offers increased resistance to dings, scratches, and crushing compared to traditional wood floors, the maker says. The flooring is infused with liquid acrylic for added durability, making it a good choice for homes with kids and pets, the maker adds. The product's through-color construction stays true over time, Armstrong says, and hides any scratches and gouges that do occur. It is available in trend-leading looks like windswept gray and black olive and across six species: maple, hickory, oak, cherry, birch, and walnut. 800-233-3823. www.armstrong.com. - Jeffrey Lee

Bosch Random Orbit Sanders
Palm-grip random orbit sander models ROS20VS and ROS10 offer new features and improvements versus previous models. The 2.2-amp tools include the Microfilter System, which traps particles as small as a half micron. The twist-off canister is now translucent for easier viewing of dust level, and its new anti-spillback design keeps dust inside. The tools' integral pad dampening system eliminates swirl marks on the workpiece, the company says, while the pliable microcellular backing pad provides for a smooth, fine finish on flat and contoured surfaces. The HookTight disc attachment system features 35,000 hooks, two times the standard number, with special gripping geometry that makes it hard for dust to get in between the disc and the hooks. The ROS20VS offers variable speed from 7,500 to 12,000 rpm; the ROS10 delivers 12,000 rpm. 877-267-2499. www.boschtools.com. - Katy Tomasulo

Delta Faucet System
You couldn't walk by the Delta booth without noticing the giant faucet delivering a shower of water to introduce the manufacturer's new Diamond Seal technology. The water delivery system eliminates contact with potential metal contaminants such as brass, copper, or lead, keeping water as pure as when it entered the faucet, according to the maker. The system also provides protection against leaks and drips, the manufacturer says, using a Diamond valve and InnoFlex waterways. The valve is an integrated ceramic valve cartridge featuring one ceramic disc and one diamond-embedded ceramic disc. As the two discs move against each other, the diamond-embedded ceramic disc polishes the uncoated ceramic disc, preventing buildup of calcium and mineral deposits and ensuring smooth, consistent, and long-lasting operation, the company adds. The system is currently available in the Signature pull-out kitchen faucet, and it will expand into the brand's most popular kitchen faucet lines this year. 800-345-3358. www.diamondsealtechnology.com. - Jeffrey Lee

Marvin Windows and Doors Replacement Casement
The Ultimate Replacement Casement includes a wash mode that allows the window to swing around, providing for easy access to exterior glass. Other options include a commercial-grade hardware system that can support a sash of 150 pounds and large sizing capability. It has Low E II glass with argon for better climate control inside a home. Both awning and picture varieties are available. 888-537-8266. www.marvincasement.com. - Victoria Markovitz

Miele Dishwasher
Miele's new dishwasher has an automated function that opens the product's door slightly at the end of the drying process. It has functions that sense water turbidity and control water temperature. Programs include settings for pots, an Energy Star option, a light wash, and a short cycle. The product is set to debut in November. 800-843-7231. www.miele.com. - Victoria Markovitz

Milgard Window Screen
Now a standard feature on all of the company's fiberglass and vinyl windows as well as Classic Series patio doors, the PureView "excellent visibility screen" offers homeowners better views. In addition, the flame-retardant fiberglass mesh screen is durable, is strong enough to stand up to high winds, provides improved light transmittance, and offers a uniform look for improved curb appeal, the firm states. The screen's 30 percent smaller openings provides for greater insect protection. 800-645-4273. www.milgard.com. - Katy Tomasulo

Paslode Cordless Framing Nailer
The latest version of Paslode's cordless framing nailer includes a number of user-friendly improvements and additions. The CF-325's redesigned, more aggressive nosepiece allows for toe-nailing at any angle, while re-engineering provides for faster firing. The company has revamped the fuel system, too, with a canister that drops right in with no pre-use snapping, twisting, and aligning required. The fuel system and internal steel O-rings allow the nailer to last five times longer between cleaning than previous models, says the maker. Finally, the company is unveiling a Fuel + Nail Combo Pack System that packages fuel cartridges and RounDrive nails in like-usage amounts (1,000 nails and one fuel cartridge or 3,000 nails and three cartridges). 800-222-6990. www.paslode-cordless.com. - Katy Tomasulo

Shakertown Shingle Panels
Craftsman One-Course Shingle Panels are now available with Rain Screen technology that protects against moisture. According to the firm, specially placed grooves on the back of the panel allow rain, condensation, and air to flow horizontally and vertically, channeling moisture away from the wall and down to the ground. The panels exceed 98 percent drainage efficiency, the manufacturer says. The one-course panels include a full plywood back, 3/8-inch shingle butt, and overlocking end joints. 800-426-8970. www.shakertown.com. - Katy Tomasulo

Trane Communicating Furnace
Even furnaces are getting smart. Trane introduced the three-stage, high-efficiency XC95 communicating furnace with up to a 95 percent Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. The furnace can communicate with the consumer's thermostat to let them know if there's a problem. The outdoor unit comes with a "charge assist" feature that ensures the proper amount of refrigerant is loaded into the unit, allowing for quicker and easier installation, as well as making sure the product lives up to its efficiency rating, according to the maker. It is available with an optional module that can call you, or even the dealer, if there is a problem. The communicating technology is plug-and-play, also making for easier installation. 903-581-3200. www.trane.com. - Jeffrey Lee

Velux Solar Hot Water Heating System
The company now offers its solar hot water heating system, which it has sold in Europe for a number of years, in the United States. The system replaces or adds to an existing water heating system and includes a solar pump station and controller, hot water mixing valve, expansion tank, solar tank, and collectors. According to the firm, the system can provide up to 100 percent of the demand for hot water heating, with typically 80 percent of hot water needs coming from free solar power. The SRCC-certified solar energy roof collectors are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and integrate well with roof lines, the company says, and they integrate seamlessly with roof windows. 800-888-3589. www.veluxusa.com. - Katy Tomasulo