The New GEM-36 and GEM-42 from Heat-N-Glo is Out of the Box Thinking at its absolute finest.

Minneapolis -- Heat-N-Glo, a division of Hearth Technologies Inc., the world's largest fireplace manufacturer, announces the introduction of two gas fireplaces (Gas Energy Models GEM-36 and GEM-42) that utilize the most advanced heat management systems and the most authentic masonry design. Heat-N-Glo's GEM series are the only gas fireplaces that can offer a truly arched view of the fire.

The GEM gas fireplaces are made from Heat-N-Glo's patented Firebrick(TM) material. Firebrick Technology provides much more than a spectacular looking fire, it enables Heat-N-Glo to design unusually shaped fireplaces. This unique firebox is arched with seamless herringbone refractory. Combine this with our patented, award-winning Mystifire(TM) burner and up to 37,500 BTU/HR, you get a fireplace that will give your family warmth and comfort for years to come.

The GEM 36 and GEM-42 are also A.F.U.E. rated which means they are approved as wall heaters and can be used with a thermostat. The GEM 36 has a standard Climate Control Damper. Both the GEM-36 and GEM-42 have heat management kit options of the HEAT-ZONE, HEAT-OUT and HEAT-DUCT that give you flexibility to disperse the heat to another room or outside when you are simply looking for the ambiance of the glowing fire.

Choose from the Chateaux Series Decorative Fronts to complete your room dacor. Available finishes for these spectacular fronts are black, textured pewter, brushed nickel or brass.

The GEM Series was designed using Heat-N-GIo's Direct Vent Technology that features a sealed combustion chamber that takes all of its combustion air from outside, making it ideal for today's tightly sealed homes. Direct vents also keep the warm air in and the cold air out while providing exceptional thermal efficiency. They will not alter the quality of your room air in any way, making them suitable for all rooms including the bedroom. In additional to their clean burn characteristic, they are easier and less expensive to install than a wood burning fireplace.

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Contact: Lori Statler, Retail Product Analyst

Heat-N-Glo, a Division of Hearth Technologies Inc.