Most homeowners without central air conditioning turn off their window air conditioners during the day in order to cut utility costs, resulting in sauna-like heat after a long day at the office. Two new "connected" window air conditioners from GE Appliances can be accessed via smartphone so that the home can be cool and comfortable before homeowners return.

The units can be controlled from virtually anywhere with the touch of a smartphone screen. Users simply turn the unit on from their phone to cool the space when they want, decreasing the waste of cooling an empty room and increasing comfort when they arrive home.

“Connectivity is on the minds of many consumers, and we saw a need to offer this in our window air conditioners,” says Mark Evans, GE product manager, room air products. “Our new 115-volt window air conditioners are the largest connected residential units on the market that offer free app connectivity, making it easy to control the temperature of a room from anywhere.”

The new AEC12AV 12,050 Btu and AED10AV 10,000 Btu units are controlled by GE Appliances' new Comfort app, allowing consumers to easily:
• Create their own cooling schedule
• Monitor and control their air conditioner from anywhere
• Choose from available cooling modes
• Control multiple units from one app
• Get reminders to clean or change the air conditioner's filter

In addition to the Wi-Fi capabilities, both connected air conditioners are Energy Star compliant and come with a remote control. They range in price from $350 to $440.