Home technology is on the rise, and companies are introducing more and more home innovations that will make daily life easier for homeowners. Rachel Rothman, Chief Technologist at the Good Housekeeping Institute, talks what's in store for next year in home connectivity in this article by Good Housekeeping's Jessica Migala. Here are eight home innovations and products that will take the market by storm next year.

  1. We'll enter the era of the 4K TV: A 4K TV has four times the resolution as a high-def TV. Thanks to hefty price tags, they haven't been popular, but this year, those prices are dropping (we've seen them on sale for $379).
  2. Your food will cook itself: New versions of slow cookers, tea kettles, and coffee machines tap into your home's Wi-Fi, allowing you to control them via an app on your phone.
  3. Your fridge will know what grub you have left: Samsung Family Hub Fridge's built-in cameras take a snapshot when you close the door, which you can then access from your smartphone while you're perusing the grocery aisles.
  4. Smart plugs will give your home a Jetsons vibe: Say you want to turn your lamps on so that the house is bright before you get home. Or you're in bed when you realize your teen left the TV on downstairs…again. You can control smart plugs like iDevices from an app on your phone, so you never have to walk over and turn a switch.
  5. Those plugs can keep you safe, too: The Brio Safe Outlet will only deliver electrical current if it senses a plug — not a tiny finger. And Brio's Smart Outlet will alert you if there's smoke or Co2.
  6. Appliances will soon be able to fix themselves: Eventually, your gadgets will be able to communicate with repair technicians about what parts need to be replaced, says Sharon Franke, director of the GH Institute Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab.
  7. And turn on when you ask them: Voice-activation platforms like Apple HomeKit and Works with Nest allow you to control some of your devices with Siri and Amazon Echo. Also look forward to Google Home, which should launch at the end of 2016 — it too boasts a central home hub and voice control.
  8. You'll stop dreading laundry: Look out for the LG Twin Wash System, which lets you outfit a new or compatible LG washing system with a mini washer below the full-sized one.
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