Dezeen's Marcus Fairs shares yet another innovative unveiling from Milan 2016—a razor-thin dining table that keeps plates warm and drinks cold while you eat.

Featuring concealed, plate-sized induction rings across its ceramic top, Kram/Weisshaar's SmartSlab heats up just enough to keep food at an optimum temperature, but won't burn users upon contact. Heat-transferring devices cool other parts of the table's surface to keep beverages refreshingly chilled.

Besides heating and cooling elements, the circuitry can be customized to include devices such as wireless charging modules, touch-control panels and even Wi-Fi base stations. "When they approached us to think about what could be done with a tile, it was very obvious that we could put a lot of the architectural features that are still done by craftsmen in the tile," Clemens Weisshaar of the Swedish/German design studio said. "Somebody drills a hole for every plug and every light switch, which costs a lot of money."

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