In what may seem like an idea from The Jetsons, smart home technology manufacturer Nexia Home Intelligence now offers monitoring of a home's HVAC system even when owners are away. If an issue arises, it can be fixed quickly, sometimes without a service call, the company says.

The ability to diagnose issues remotely enables technicians to arrive on-site with the proper parts to expedite repairs, if necessary. Some issues may even be resolved remotely, eliminating the need for an on-site service call altogether.

The advanced diagnostic features for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are designed to give homeowners added peace of mind their system is performing optimally. When a homeowner opts in to Nexia Diagnostics, they allow remote HVAC system monitoring by their preferred HVAC dealer, which can help prevent minor issues from turning into major repairs, the company says.

The diagnostic features are free for homeowners and their HVAC dealers. Available with Trane and American Standard Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats and a free Nexia account, the diagnostic features extend the value of the Nexia Home Intelligence system by providing HVAC technicians real-time and historical performance data on one of the home’s most expensive and complicated pieces of equipment. Once a homeowner opts in, the local dealer can access a secure website with real-time intelligence about how the customer’s system is performing. System alerts, from routine maintenance needs to system malfunctions, are automatically sent to the dealer, who can then proactively notify customers and address the issue quickly.

“Convenience is one of the primary benefits of a smart home, and the addition of diagnostic capabilities to Nexia Home Intelligence gives homeowners the unprecedented option of having heating and air conditioning issues addressed proactively before experiencing downtime,” says George Land, head of Nexia Home Intelligence.