Amazon's Fire TV Stick, which allows homeowners to control numerous apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime through their TV, now has the capabilities of voice commands reports WIRED's Tim Moynihan. And at only $40, it's the cheapest device featuring Amazon's voice assistant Alexa.

Users press the mic button on the remote and it summons Alexa, who will be able to stream shows or search for titles on popular video streaming apps.

The voice controls offer a little something extra with Amazon’s own content. You can use voice commands to fast forward or rewind a designated amount of time (“Rewind two minutes.” “Fast forward 10 minutes.”), and to play and pause. The new Stick also supports voice-controlled music requests from Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Prime Music, Pandora, and iHeart Radio. There’s a Spotify app for Fire TV, but you’ll need to fire up tracks and playlists the old-fashioned way.

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