Courtesy Sylvania

The 8th annual SYLVANIA Socket Survey has found that consumers are largely ready to adopt smart technologies. The nationwide measure of public attitudes about energy-efficient lighting and awareness of lighting trends found that 76% of Americans believe smart bulbs will eventually replace regular bulbs, and 55% say they’re likely to purchase smart lighting the next time they need new bulbs.

Additional results from the survey about LEDs and smart lighting include:

· Lighting is now one of the top 3 smart technologies Americans own, along with thermostats and house alarms.

· Nearly three quarters of consumers have purchased LEDs, and nearly half have done so in the last 12 months.

· When asked to choose, the majority of consumers say they plan on buying LEDs the next time they need bulbs.

· LEDs are now the #1 replacement option over CFLs and halogen bulbs.

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