The community center and cafe at the new Skye Canyon project
The community center and cafe at the new Skye Canyon project

Home buyers at a new Las Vegas community are saying good-bye to web-based annoyances such as spotty video chatting, glitchy movie streaming, and snail’s pace uploading, because they have access to the fastest Internet service in the world.

The Skye Canyon community in northwest Las Vegas will offer ultra-speedy gigabit Internet access, joining 25 other states in the FCC’s Gigabit City Challenge. Provider Century Link offers the 1-gigabit service in small portions of the area, but Skye Canyon is the only master planned community in Nevada where the service is available to all homes.

BUILDER talks with Chris Armstrong, vice president of Olympia Companies, developer of Skye Canyon, about the growing importance of high-speed Internet access.

Tell us about Skye Canyon.
The project is set on 1,700 acres and at completion will include 9,000 homes located in entry-level, move-up, and luxury neighborhoods. Phase 1 home sizes will range from 1,700 to 3,820 square feet with prices starting at $270,000. Builders to date are Century Communities, Pulte Homes, and Woodside Homes. Buyers will begin to move in this fall.

How important is fast Internet service to buyers?
A recent study from the University of Colorado and Carnegie Mellon found that fiber-optic connections, the fastest type of Internet available, can add as much as $5,437 to the price of a $175,000 home. We feel that IT is a key component of our master plan that separates us from the competition and makes us truly unique.


With a 1-gig fiber connection homeowners can:

--Stream multiple HD movies at once.
--Connect multiple devices to the web at the same time.
--Play games online in real time.
--Upload extra large files in seconds.
--Video chat without interruption.

In addition, we know that millennials are the biggest group of home buyers today. These are young tech-savvy people who are more likely to work from home so Internet access is especially important for them.

How fast is the new service and how much does it cost?
The service is a 1-gig or a 1,000-Mbps (mega bits per second) fiber connection, which is 40 times faster than the typical broadband connection in the U.S. With this connection, users can send a 500 MB file in less than 6 seconds. With a regular 10 Mbps connection, that can take 6 minutes or more. Currently, Century Link is the only company to offer this speed of Internet in Las Vegas.

Skye Canyon residents will also get Prism TV, home security, and phone lines through Century Link. The service will cost residents $79.95 per month with unlimited nationwide calling.

What are the benefits to homeowners?
With a connection 40 times faster than typical broadband, their everyday use of the web will be an efficient and much more pleasurable experience, facilitating their ability to telecommute from home if they choose to do so. 

It’s important to point out that 1-gig Internet is not only faster, but allows for more capacity. The speed is not impacted by multiple users, so while mom and dad are working, the kids can be playing online games or streaming shows, all at the same time. 

Skye Canyon’s residents will also be able to utilize the high-speed 1-gig Internet connection in the social hub of the community, the 8,142-square-foot Skye Center, giving them the ability to work remotely while enjoying the coffee shop, wine bar, and other community spaces.